Maxxis Tire Warranty

Maxxis Tires and Tubes are sold “as is.” Goldspeed USA/Maxxis Kart Racing has absolutely no warranty on kart tires due to the changing conditions that Maxxis Tires are exposed to.

Freeze Warning

Maxxis Tires are likely to experience rubber cracking when tires are exposed to freezing temperatures (32℉).

To avoid rubber cracking, please follow the provided guidelines:
Maxxis Tires should be stored in an area above 32℉ at all times.
Maxxis Tires exposed to freezing temperatures, allow tires to warm to a favorable temperature (70℉) before tire is altered in any way.
If freezing temperatures are expected, arrange to have tires shipped once it is above freezing temperatures.

Chemical Treatment of Tires

Maxxis Tires/Goldspeed USA prohibits the use of chemicals to alter the compound of the tire.