Maxxis EL

Maxxis EL


Wheels/rims not included

Very Hard Dry Spec TireĀ  Finally, a true spec tire! EL stands for “entry level”. This tire is designed for extra long life and performance.

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Features & Applications 

An extremely long-lasting compound, perfect for the budget minded racer looking for a tire that stands the test of time.
Consistent, fast, and durable for the complete life of the tire!

Item #SizeCircumference
Air PressureWheelDurometer
Tread DepthWeight
10.5×4.50-632 1/2″3-4 psi6 x 6.5″700.1002
8620611×6.00-633″3-4 psi6 x 8.5″700.1003
8620812×8.00-634″3-4 psi6 x 10″700.1003

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