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Three decades of improvements and advanced manufacturing technology have made our tires last competitively longer than other tire brands. Maxxis Kart Tires are reliable for any track, surface, and condition. From novice to veteran drivers, you can trust Maxxis Kart Tires to lead you to victory.


Maxxis HT3-W Pink

Size Matters!! Wider is Better!! The HT3-W, aka “wides” or “pinks”, is the fastest kart tire on dirt. Sharing the same material make-up as the championship-winning HG3, but with reduced tread depth and wider contact patch provides maximum performance.

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Maxxis HT3 Blue

Maxxis “Blues” have earned the reputation as the best and fastest kart racing tire ever produced. Available in 6.0 and 4.50 configurations make the “Blues” the perfect inside mate for the new HT3-W.

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Maxxis ST3

The ST3 is another version of the champion-winning HT3 tire that has dominated dirt oval karting since 2010. Using the same design as the HT3 tires, this tire is a great option to use on a track surface that is soft or slick. 

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Maxxis EL

Finally, a true spec tire! EL stands for “entry level”. This tire is designed for extra long life and performance.

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Maxxis T-18

The T-18 is the newest dirt karting tire from Maxxis! Using a medium compound along with a tread design, you will be sure to have the grip you need on the track or trails.

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Reading a date code

What do all the numbers mean?

Reading from left to right:
1) The 1st digit refers to the Material Number (0-HT3 or 1-EL)
2) The 2nd digit indicates the year the tire was made (2016 in this case)
3) The following two digits refer to the week of the year (39th week)
4) The next two digits indicate the day of the week (04 - Wednesday)
5) The last digits identify the employee number at Maxxis

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