Maxxis Kart Racing Schedule

Oct, 2017



National Championship XI

Thunder Valley Speedway | Neeses, SC

The orange leather jacket is the most prestigious award earned at the Maxxis National Championship race. There is no other jacket like it and it is awarded to the driver who crosses the finsh line first when the checkered flag drops; that driver is also known as the class Champion. Of course, the champions receive a championship ring, a trophy, and some tires but the orange jacket is the item most desired.

Drivers say they had rather win the orange leather instead of money. Money tends to disappear quick and it can’t be worn to the grid, but the orange leather jacket…well it will be showing up on the starting grid over and over for many years to come.

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The Maxxis National Banquet is held every year, usually in conjunction with a trade show.

Each champion receives an invitation and is allowed to invite their friends, family and pit crew to the event. During the event, each driver is called to the stage, one at a time and allowed their moment in the spotlight and is given the opportunity to thank everyone who helped them along the way. Each one receives their jacket, ring and trophy.

We also take this time to recognize the outstanding staff that works tirelessly to make sure Maxxis National Championship is top notch!