Maxxis Kart Racing Schedule

January, 2018



National Championship XI Banquet

The Speedway Club @ Charlotte Motor Speedway | Charlotte, NC

The Orange Leather Jacket is the most prestigious award earned at the Maxxis National Championship race. Of course, the champions receive a championship ring, a trophy; the orange jacket is the item most desired. Instead of boxing the Champion’s orange jacket, ring, and trophy to ship to their house. A celebration of each driver’s hard work is acclaimed at the National Championship XI Banquet.

The National Championship XI Banquet is open to the public to attend. Seats are limited and fill up quickly. Those who have attended Goldspeed USA/Maxxis banquets throughout the year know the banquet is famed for having a great time. A driver’s most memorable career moment happens during the banquet, receiving their Orange Leather Jacket and National Championship Eagle.

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