Maxxis Kart Racing Schedule

October 2021



National Championships XV

Iron City Motorplex | Blacksburg, SC

The race everyone looks forward to attending. Every year!  Hundreds of invitations are mailed directly to drivers who have participated in series and track championships.  Drivers travel from the west, the north and the deep south of Florida to claim their National Champion title.

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May 2021



The MAXX Daddy, JR MAXX Daddy & CHAMP Maxx Daddy

Providence Raceway | Henry, VA

One of the most anticipated events for the Junior drivers of kart racing is The Junior MAXX Daddy and The MAXX Daddy.

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March 2019



Maxxis 4-Cycle Sprint Series

Race #1 Date & Track

103rd Street Sports Complex | Jacksonville, Florida

We hope you will join us for the second season of our Maxxis 4-cycle Sprint Series as we host six regional races and championship final.

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May 2019


Saturday & Sunday

Maxxis Midwest Series

Race #1

Show Me Speedway | Downing, Missouri

We hope you will join us for the 2019 season of our Maxxis Midwest Series as we host five races in the states of Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota.

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